2022/2023 Roster

Coach: Phil Tozzi

Express Tozzi Photos

2 Coonan, Finnely
5 Fives, Kennedy
6 Cordero-Scott, Hailey
11 Lewis, Allison
12 Gimberlein, Juliet
14 Holbrook, Clare
18 Duval, Stevey
21 MacGinley, Sadie
22 Tozzi, Stella
27 Thayer, Sophie
28 Esposito, Avina

Team Brygg Pic

2023 Spring and Summer Season Schedule

April 15th Strong Island One Day Fun Series, Long Island
June 10th Strong Island Hit the Dirt Tournament, Long Island
June 24th Strong Island One and Done Tournament, Long Island
July 7th USSA Friday Night Under the Lights Tournament, Long Island
July 15th USA Patriot Amputee Softball Fundraiser (Helping Our Wounded Warriors), Long Island

2022 Fall Season Schedule

September 11th Scrimmage vs Hurricanes
October 21st Town of Brookhaven Fall Fest Tournament, Long Island
October 29th Scrimmage vs Mudcats
November 11th Bring It Tournament, Long Island
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