Does The Express Have Success In Getting Players To Play College Softball?

Yes.  The LI Express who are lead by former D1 Coach Ken Passante have helped over 90 players in the past 7 years reach their ultimate goal of playing collegiate softball. 37 Express players were on NCAA rosters for the 2017 season. Our dedicated coaching staff that includes former D1 coaches and players assist our players in finding the best overall fit with D1, D2 or D3 programs. You can see a list of those players on our College Commitments page under the recruiting menu.

Does the LI Express Have Indoor Winter Workouts?

Yes. The LI Express conducts winter workouts out of two facilities. Two days a week from November 1st to March 1st each member in the organization will have an opportunity to train for over 4 hours per week. These high level practices are run by former college coaches and players and work on everything from technique, strategy, situations and more.

What Are The Fees To Play For The LI Express?

Exact season costs or accurate estimates per player are determined just before tryouts and are provided at that point. The LI Express strives to be a competitively priced fastpitch organization that offers great value to its players. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization every dollar is invested back into creating the best softball playing experience for all of our players.

What Does A Player Get For her Player Fees With The LI Express?

  • 3 Practice shirts, 2 Under Armour Jersey shirts, 1 LI Express Helmet, 2 pants, 2 belts, 3 socks and 1 Jersey
  • 8-12 Tournaments per year depending on which age group.
  • 72-90 Hours of Instruction in our off-season Winter Workout program from early November to Late February.
  • Roughly 40 two hour outdoor practices between late May through late July and between August and late October at the LI Express home field located in Brentwood.
  • Insurance
  • All team equipment (balls, nets and training aids)

When Are Fees Due?

The initial payment is due when a roster spot is offered and accepted at tryouts.  The balance will be made in payments on the 15th of every month from September through January by check or by using our online payment system via LeagueApps.

Does the LI Express Accept Credit Card Payments For Player Fees?

Yes.  The LI Express now uses Stripe to process all credit card payments.  This is done via LeagueApps on the Express website.

Is the LI Express A Non-Profit Organization?

Yes.  The Long Island Express are a 501 (c) (3) organization.

Is There A Board of Directors To Manage The Organization?

Yes.  We have a board that consists of a President, Vice President along with two at large members.  The board members are listed on the Board of Directors page on the website.

Do Long Island Express Teams Travel Out Of Town A Lot?

This will vary by team and age group.  Most teams will go out of town between 2-4 times per season.  Usually our Gold teams will strictly play out of state mostly in the Northeast with trips to Virginia Beach and Florida.
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