The Long Island Express Girls Fast-pitch Softball Organization is a non-profit women’s softball organization that was formed over 25 years ago. We are the oldest existing fast-pitch softball club on Long Island.

With the intent of furthering the athletic and personal development of young athletes on Long Island and beyond, our program strives to develop the confidence and skills in our young ladies to compete at the highest levels.

We are dedicated to the progress of players as student-athletes, and it is our goal to teach our players important life lessons through the game of softball. Long Island Express softball players exemplify the highest standards of commitment, discipline, perseverance, and hard work.

We strive to create the opportunity for our players to be seen by college coaches and get recruited to a college that fits their personal needs and helps them advance toward their lifelong ambitions.

It is our aim that every Long Island Express player develops life-long friendships and a love of the game of fast-pitch softball.

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