Emma Zumpol #6

High School & Grad Year: Patchouge Medford Hight School – 2021
Positions: Shortstop

LI Express Team:
Birthdate: April 9, 2003
Hometown: Patchogue
Height: 5’2
Weight: 130
Bats: Left
Throws: Right

Player Profile File: Download and Open

Academic Achievements

GPA: 92
SAT: n/a
ACT: n/a
Honors Classes/Years: Honors English/3 Honors Earth Science /1
AP Classes/Years: Earth Science/1 Environmental/1
Principal List/High School Honors Designations: Honor roll 3 years
Honor Society/Subject/Years:

Player History

Current Club Team/Years: Long Island Express/2
High School Team & Years: Patchogue Medford High School / 4
Current Club Coach & Phone Number: Mike Kenney – 631-8386145
High School Coach & Phone Number:
Hitting Coach & Phone Number:
Pitching Coach & Phone Number:
Softball Awards:

Contact Info

Email: emmazump6@gmail.com
Phone: (631) 388-0211
Parent Name: Wendy Zumpol
Parent Email: wendyzump@gmail.com
Parent Phone: (631) 235-7308
251 Barton Ave
New York

LI Express Username: Emmazumpol

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